Recto/verso is made up of images and sounds recorded by two friends who live on separate continents. Each of us posts a separate video or audio clip each day; neither of us knows what the other one has recorded. Posts are then strung together according to various recombinatory patterns or series.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

series one

----> randomized pairings

Chance intersections between unsynchronized images and sounds. Rules of the game: Zak and John each upload one image or one sound per day in alternation, without knowing what the other person's post will be. John's first image (Ji1) is then displayed with Zak's first sound (Zs1), and Zak's first image (Zi1) is displayed with John's first sound (Js1). Some echoes or resonances occur across the series, but in an unprogrammed way. Progression follows an ABBA rhyme scheme.